HONDURAS is one of the most interesting country in Central America for its biodiversity as well as its historical and natural inheritance.

If you like culture and ancient civilizations, the valley of COPÁN will dazzle you. If you want to spend time on the beach; TELA BAY, all Caribbean Coast and its islands delight you with its 850km of beaches. If you enjoy hiking in the tropical jungle; national parks such as Punta Sal or Pico Bonito, wildlife refuges and La Moskitia biosphere, which covers the third of the country and also known as "The Little Amazone", will make you happy.


The Cayos Cochinos (Chachahuate) and bay islands (Roatan and Utila) are the paradise for divers and those who love the coral reef and the crystalline sea.

If the adventures in jungle do not frighten you, we offer expeditions in the jungle of Rio Platano in La Moskitia.

It will give you the chance to discover its incledible flora and and fauna.


Surface 112.492 Km square (2nd largest in Central America)
Population 11 million inhabitants
Ethnies 77% are métis(indios), Garifunas and 4 other ethnic groups are 23%






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